I believe in their love because they are in love

Khawala, 17 years old, Muslim. I believe every single person has the right to love who they want. I don't know why some humans have to make them hide their feelings, to make them pretend what they're not, Let them love who they fucking want. Gay, bi, lesbians, hetero, everyone have the fucking right to do what they want with their feelings. There's nothing you can do about it. You are not gonna change them because they are who they are. And if you are of those humans I recommend you stop breathing or think before you speak bullshit :)

I'm in love with Harry. I'm in love with Louis.
Harry is my boyfriend and his boyfriend is Louis . I believe in Larry Stylinson. Love is equal and same love is beautiful.

"When will all these 'coincidences' stop? It's got to the point where it's too suspicious to think it's just aa coincidence." Larry sharing clothes

"They treat him like a doll. Tugged and pulled this way and that, without a voice of their own stripped of words and opinions. THEY DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS. They pressure him into saying things he knows isn't true. It isn't who he is or who he wants to be. THEY DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS. They stereotype him as a player, a manwhore, womanizer, a person who goes for one night stands and short term relationships. BUT THEY DON'T KNOW WHO HE IS. They musn't forget that he's only twenty, still maturing and learning to find himself. And THEY WILL NEVER KNOW WHO HE TRULY IS, because HE HAS BECOME WHO THEY WANTED HIM TO BE."

"A lie is a lie, even if everybody believes it. Truth is truth, even if nobody believes it."

"'But haven't you kissed?' No. The answer is always no. No we haven't kissed. No we aren't in love. No we aren't together. No our tattoos don't match. No we aren't gay. No. No no. No. One question they haven't asked either one of us is 'are you lying?' Because for once the answer would be YES."

"Why does 'liking someone' have to be this big secret? Why doesn't everyone in the world just make it really clear? Why can't we make T-shirts with the names of who we crush on? Why don't we throw pianos at people and yell: HELLO YOU ARE VERY ATTRACTIVE SIR."

Meaning behind my URL? I love Prince of the Seven Seas from Oxeh and that's why.

"My hands,your hands tied up ike two ships."

The drawing is from Karukara
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this gif will be used so much 

we’ll be tired of it by the end of the day




ben winston more like ben failston am i right ladies?

Yeah, well just because you dumb heads don’t get this video, you call Ben a failure! WOW. Remember when he was your hero? No? Remember how we were showering him with love at the time of This Is Us and SOML? No? SO WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU HATE HIM NOW? The video is actually perfect, you find it “boring” because you don’t. fucking. get. it.



liam out here lookin like he’s trying to be an extra in the single ladies video



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